SAT PLAZA 13th floor, 133 Bashir Safaroghlu str., Baku, Azerbaijan

Orkhan Najafov, CFA, MBA - London Business School

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HDN TALKS comes to present stunning ideas for people who are always looking for deep understanding in changes. Because, we believe the possibility that within the power and support of thought, behaviours, life and at the result life can change in a good way.

Today’s guest of "HDN TALKS" is an Economics and Finance profession graduate of 3 universities in Azerbaijan, USA and Europe – Orkhan Najafov who has worked in senior positions at the different financial companies and banks in the field of finance and management for years. As a finance professional Orkhan Najafov has received Corporate Finance major degree and CFA qualification. 

Within the topic of “Finance Careerin this seminar Mr. Orkhan is going to share not only the secrets of his success in his professional career and academic education, but also the opportunities of finance in Azerbaijan and different countries of the world. Having MBA diploma of London Business School, he will also share his advices and answer questions of people who want to study or build their career in the same field. 

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Address: SAT PLAZA 13th floor, 133 Bashir Safaroghlu street

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