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HDN Honours Scholarships Program is designed to meet the financial needs of people who are high achievers with strong personal attributes. The main purpose of HDN Honours Scholarships is to encourage and motivate students for better results. The program also assists students with disadvantaged backgrounds, but having high scores in their studies.

HDN Honours Scholarships are available in 2018&2019 for Azerbaijani citizens intending to enroll in Accounting & Finance Courses at the Honours Academy in Baku. Applicants will be selected based on the most proficient performance in their coursework and examination results. The program covers in full all official tuitions, registration and Honours Academy courses’ fees.

HDN Honours Scholarships make an outstanding offer to the university students in all levels who have high GPA scores. Main purpose of Academic - Based “HDN Honours Scholarships” program offer to Honours Academy students is to encourage students to get the highest results and achievements in their university studies.

HDN Honours Scholarships on Academic - Based is offered on the following conditions:

  • 10% discount for GPA score between 85% – 90 %
  • 15% discount for GPA score between 91% – 95 %
  • 20% discount for GPA score between 96% – 100 %


  • 10% discount for university's entry score between 600-650
  • 15% discount for university's entry score between 651-675
  • 20% discount for university's entry score between 676-689
  • 90% discount for university's entry score between 690-695
  • 100% discount for university's entry score between 696-700


Students who meet up following requirements and applied to ACCA International Certification Program trainings, the scholarship program will cover their participation fee as it’s mentioned above.