2019-01-24 01:33:59

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HDN Honours Scholarships for ACCA” program on Need Based is offered for the protection of social responsibility, the formation of civil society and the empowerment of patriotic feelings and aims to help people who need financial aid for educational purposes. People who meet up following requirements and applied to ACCA International Certification Program trainings, the scholarship program will cover from 15% to 100% of participation fee.

HDN Honours Scholarships for ACCA" is offered under the following conditions:

  • For family members of the Karabakh war veteran course fee of ACCA will be discounted by 25%
  • Students whose immediate family member was martyr will obtain 85% for ACCA Course Fee.
  • Who lost one of the parents till 20 years old or both of them will get discount of respectively 15% and 85% on course Fee
  • ACCA course fee for students who grew up in an orphanage will be fully covered by program.