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Beynəlxalq mühasibat uçotu kursları İngilis dili kursları acca kurslari cfa kurslari kafeller
"Pre-CFA" Course

2022-01-17 19:40:40

10 hours


By joining the Pre-CFA course, which was established by Honours Academy for the first time and taught completely free of charge, you will learn the basic knowledge of financial reporting, rules for solving some problems that are difficult to calculate in the reports via very easy ways and you will have provided background knowledge for CFA. In this program, practical exercises on the operations considered as the main pillars of the CFA are developed, the question style used in the CFA, the approach to the cases, some of the terminologies that need to be known, etc. not theoretically, but purely in practice.


During Pre-CFA course you will learn:


1. Improving English and terminology on "CFA Level I"
2. Financial Reportings (SOFP and SPL)
3. Accrual basis calculations
4. Working Capital Management
5. Calculations on "PV, NPV, IRR, Payback Period"
6. Calculations on Cost of Capital, Cost of Debt, Cost of Equity, WACC


To join the completely free program, you just need to show that you want to prepare for CFA Level I. To do this, you must register for the "CFA Level I" course will be organized at Honours Academy. In this case, you will participate in a completely free Pre-CFA course, then you will start "CFA Level I" course.


We certify the quality of the courses based on the official Letter of Guarantee issued to everyone who registers, and we guarantee that your "CFA Level I" exam results will be successful. If your exam result will be failed, "CFA Level I" course fee will be reimbursed to you by the Honours Academy.


Online registration link: https://forms.gle/oozh2f7z2UPswfEc8


For more information about "CFA Level I" course, please follow the link: https://honours.academy/trainings/cfa-level-1/




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