Frequently asked
  • About Honors Academy +
    Honors Academy, which has been operating since 2017, trains specialists in various fields of finance mainly from students of International Financial Institutes.
  • How long are the trainings? +
    The duration of the training programs varies based on the syllabus. ACCA's main qualification: Management Accounting; Financial Accounting; Performance Management; Financial Reporting; Audit and Assurance; Financial Management training is taught for an average of 3 months, DipIFR training for an average of 4 months, CFA Level 1 training for an average of 5 months.
  • What documents are needed for training registration? +
    It is enough to have an ID card for training registration.
  • How much do training programs cost? +
    The price of the training program may vary depending on the type of training program, payment method and payment method. Information on the payment of each training can be obtained from the training program page on our website or by contacting our Academy.
  • Is a certificate issued upon completion of the training? +
    Honors Academy prepares its students for the relevant certificate programs of International Financial Institutions. Students who complete the training can successfully pass the exams of those institutes (eg ACCA, CFA) and obtain a globally recognized certificate.
  • Where is Honors Academy located? +
    Honors Academy is located behind the Government House at 35 Uzeyir Hajibeyli Street, 5 minutes' walk from the 28 May and Sahil metro stations.
  • What are the requirements for registration for the exams? +
    In accordance with the requirements for participation in the International Financial Institutions Certificate exams, students are informed during registration for each training program. You need to be at least a 1st-year bachelor's student in ACCA's main qualification (eg: Financial Accounting, Audit and Assurance, etc.) or to be a university graduate or a final year student in order to participate in the CFA Level 1 exam.
  • Is there an age limit for training registration? +
    There is no age limit for training registration. However, it may be required to be a University student, have a University diploma, or work experience in accordance with the requirements of the relevant financial institution for the training program being taught.
  • In what language are the trainings taught? +
    All textbooks and textbooks, test tasks, and test exams intended for training are in English. However, during the training, the trainer gives explanations in Azerbaijani language. The minimum level of English required for the training to be effective is pre-intermediate or intermediate, depending on the type of training
  • Are Trainings Guaranteed? +
    A "Golden Letter of Guarantee" is presented to the students of the courses taught at the Honors Academy. Depending on the type of training program, the guarantee may cover Training Costs and Exam fees
  • In what format is the training conducted? +
    Courses at Honors Academy are taught in Traditional and Online formats. Currently, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, trainings are being continued online. As long as the quarantine rules and the threat of the coronavirus have disappeared, teaching will continue in the traditional way.
  • How many students are there in groups? +
    The number of students in the groups varies depending on the training, instructor and group. So, we have groups with 12 students, 15 students and more than 25 students. Groups with more than 25 students are mainly groups led by Daşgin Hamidzadeh. Daşgin Hamidzade teaches classes with groups of 25 or more students, based on the principles of providing better quality lessons to more students based on many years of training experience. As a result, more than 60 students have scored 90%+ in the last 1 year alone. However, you can also register for smaller groups based on your choice.
  • How important is English? +
    Taking into account that the exams, textbooks and textbooks are in English, it is advisable for the students who will participate in the training to have a minimum pre-intermediate level of English language skills in the "Reading Section". However, we would like to state that logical-mathematical thinking skills and potential are more important than English language training. In practice, we have had quite a few students who have achieved successful results even though their English language level is elementary.
  • What training programs are available? +
    Honors Academy offers training on various qualifications of International Financial Institutions ACCA, CFA, CIA, CFE and SOA: Management Accounting; Financial Accounting; Performance Management; Financial Reporting; Audit and Assurance; Financial Management; DipIFR; CFA Level 1; Actuary Exam P; Actuary Exam FM; Actuary Exam LTAM; Actuary Exam STAM; CIA Part 1; CFE
  • What are the types and forms of payment? +
    It is possible to pay for training at Honors Academy in full or in part by approaching the Office, online and with Payment Terminals. Note that payment with Birkart and Tamkart installment cards is also available.
  • Do you provide employment? +
    We support local and global companies partnering with Honors Academy during the recruitment process by sending letters of recommendation for students who have participated in our training and obtained high results in exams.
  • What should I do to register? +
    You can register online or by visiting our office by choosing the appropriate date from the relevant training program pages located on our website.
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