Honors Academy carries out training in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, NLP and other fields in order to increase the quality and efficiency of education in the financial field. Application of research results in various fields will allow leading a new educational revolution in Azerbaijan.

Our Research Purpose

Our Research Purpose

Honors Academy carries out training in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, NLP and other fields in order to increase the quality and efficiency of education in the financial field. Application of research results in various fields will allow leading a new educational revolution in Azerbaijan.
The Values We Add

The Values We Add

Since Honors Academy specializes in the field of finance, we add value by contributing to areas such as general finance and careers related to this field, data analysis.
Research Directions

Research Directions

Currently, the research works include several areas that modern times are trying to adapt and apply, the most important of which are: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and NLP.

Data Analysis

Because we live in the information era, everyone is interested in their analytics rather than the availability of information. For this reason, Data analytics is one of the most important business tools for every business today. Data analytics is the process of systematically applying statistical or logical methods to describe, make sense of, focus on, diversify, and evaluate existing data. Any company should keep this process in mind and effectively apply it not only during its activity, but also before starting its activity.

Honors Academy paid special attention to data analytics even before starting its activities as a financial institution.

As a result of the correct analysis of the data, the needs of people in the education sector, the problems they face, the innovations they want to see, etc. determined and formed solutions and built its activities on these bases. As a result of our research conducted as a result of data analysis, we will mention below some of the solutions applied to our activities.

Specialization - As a result of the data analysis conducted by our experts, it was determined that the vast majority of those interested in training are less likely to believe that centers that organize training in many directions at the same time will provide high-quality service. As a result of the analysis (analysis) of this information, proper communication, high quality, continuous provision of service at a professional level in multidisciplinary enterprises cannot meet the requirements of the relevant contingent. Although the fulfillment of this requirement has an effect in the short term, in the long term, the effectiveness for the global level and professional activity falls to a low level.

According to the research conducted with the Human Resources department of more than 15 leading companies operating in our country, if you apply to any employing company with the "ACCA certificate" you obtained in the Azerbaijani language, those companies will have the following opinions towards you:

1. You don't know English.
2. You fear the challenge and lack courage.
3. You don't have the ability to make good decisions.
4. You are not inclined to learn and develop.
5. You are not persistent and strong-willed.
6. You lack goal-setting and choice-making skills.
7. You are less satisfied and do not know what you want, etc.

Summarizing, we would like to note that as "Honours Academy - Institute of Finance", we always prioritize social values, giving people a future, and giving attention and care to unemployed people over material issues, so we would like to declare that "Honours Academy - Institute of Finance" ACCA training will never be taught in Azerbaijani!
In today's era of globalization and rapid integration due to the development of technology, many companies understand the importance of English and prefer to hire English-speaking employees. In addition, those companies allocate financial resources for the development of their employees in the fields they apply in their work, and this development path will again go through knowing the English language. Therefore, he should learn English before it's too late and take more logical steps without making the above-mentioned mistakes.

The solution formed on the basis of the data analysis conducted in this direction led to the specialization of Honors Academy only in the field of finance. It is the result of this specialization that the academy does not operate in other directions during its activity.

ACCA in Azerbaijani - As a result of our research on data analysis, it was determined that many students make wrong choices when choosing ACCA training. It is known that ACCA exams are organized only in English. The data show that they give priority to education in the Azerbaijani language.

According to our research, this choice is wrong, and as a result, those students cannot get an official ACCA certificate, instead they get a national certificate in Azerbaijani language on "International Accounting Standards", which is not taken as a basis by employers in most cases, as a result of which there is a serious loss both in terms of money and time and they are harmed. However, our research shows that "ACCA certificates" obtained in Azerbaijani language have more painful and much more harmful consequences than the reason mentioned above.


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the rules of managing emotions of the human brain for successful communication, personal development and recognition of human psychology.

Currently, the world's most famous companies, diplomatic representatives of states actively use NLP in their work process.
Research shows that proper management of thoughts, emotions and behaviors is very important to be able to make correct and free decisions. NLP science serves to ensure the effectiveness of this management. For this reason, Honors Academy widely uses NLP methods for the development of its students, so that they can make the right decisions and achieve success.

Adapting the behavior, approaches, and forms of communication of trainers to NLP methods in the teaching process and other times when they communicate with students is one of the most priority issues in this direction.

The teacher's way of expressing his thoughts, the words he chooses, his body language, and his emotions during communication with the students determine the students' determination to succeed, goals, final exam results, future career, etc. can increase or decrease accordingly. In order for these effects to always be useful to our students, continuous research is conducted in this direction and applied in the teaching process.

NLP methods are also used in the development of educational programs. The teaching program should be designed on the basis of NLP methods by carefully examining which topic to start with, which topic to end the program with, and how the sequence of topics affects the students' motivation and discipline in general.

As a Financial Institute, Honors Academy aims to be useful in building a successful future for its students by applying NLP methods unambiguously in these and other issues.

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